Harvest Festival “Selfie Scavenger Hunt” Contest

Calling all current, future and former Okanogan Bulldogs and anyone else that feels they know downtown Okanogan pretty well.

This Saturday, October 7th is your chance to shine and show off your knowledge and ‘selfie’ skills in our first ever Harvest Festival Selfie Contest.

This ‘fun for the whole family’ activity requires only a smart phone, a sense of adventure (and maybe a selfie stick).

There will be prizes so stay tuned to the Okanogan Chamber of Commerce Facebook page for details, coming later today and tomorrow …

Until then, make sure your smart phone is charged, clear some space for those all important selfies and dust off your walking shoes. We’ll see you this Saturday at Harvest Festival!

There are 22 Harvest Festival “Selfie Scavenger Hunt” Contest locations. How many can you find?

How it works:

  1. Click on the Okanogan Chamber website for Selfie Contest locations.
  2. Pick a location and go there. (this is where your knowledge of downtown comes in handy.)
  3. Snap your selfie.
  4. Go to the Okanogan Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page and upload your photos with #SunnyOKWA.
  5. Repeat Step 2.

Prizes will be given for:

  1. Having the most people in a selfie uploaded at one Contest location. (Are you doing the contest with a group of friends? How many people can you fit in the photo and still see the selfie location?)
  2. Having the most generations in a selfie uploaded at a Contest Location (this is easy if you’re doing the contest as a family affair – just grab Mom, Dad, the kids and Grandma and head out.)
  3. Uploading Selfies from the Most Selfie Contest locations (evidenced by selfies uploaded from the various locations with the #SunnyOKWA) – pretty straightforward.
  4. Finally, everyone who uploads at least two selfies from two different selfie contest locations with the #SunnyOKWA hashtag will win a prize.

Fine Print:

  1. Only Selfie photos taken at Contest Locations and uploaded to the Okanogan Chamber Facebook page using the #SunnyOKWA hashtag are eligible for the contest and prizes.
  2. Selfie photos uploaded to the Okanogan Chamber Facebook page, as part of the contest may be used by the Chamber of Commerce for promotional activities in its efforts to support the future improvement of downtown Okanogan.
  3. In case of a tie in one or more of the Contest prize categories, winners names will be placed in a drawing and the person whose name is selected in the drawing will be declared the winner.
  4. The Okanogan Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to Building Community through Locally-Owned Business.