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Our Chamber of Commerce is an active organization of business owners and interested citizens dedicated to promoting and improving downtown Okanogan.  We have successfully revitalized our annual events, introducing new and interesting aspects, with improved attendance each year.

Those businesses who maintain active membership in our organization receive a greatly increased opportunity for exposure and goodwill building as we seek every opportunity to support one another.  We recognize that every successful business in Okanogan acts as a buoy for others.

Even if you do not believe that you will be able to participate in meetings or events, you membership dollars are important to us to enable us to continue doing the work that we do.  We need everyone’s participation, even if it is only in the form of your membership contribution.  You do not need to be a business owner or resident of Okanogan to join the chamber – you just need a desire to help make a difference in Okanogan.

Membership Benefits

  • Eligible to win ‘Business of the Year’ award with special mention at Okanogan Days and the Chamber Banquet
  • Vote on important decisions
  • Business mention in Omak Chronicle publications
  • Business mention in newsletters
  • Networking at meetings
  • Special event invitations
  • Special sponsorship options
  • Opportunity to give input on our events throughout the year

Membership Prices:

  • Dues must be paid each year.
  • Individual Member (not a business listing) $25
  • Volunteer-Only Non Profit Organization (no paid staff) $25
  • Business or organization with 1-4 employees $50
  • Business or organization with 5-10 employees $100
  • Business or organization with 11-20 employees $150
  • Business or organization with 21-50 employees $200
  • Business or organization with more than 50 employees $250

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